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huaquankai ( hangzhou) electrical and mechanical services limited, located in hangzhou xiaoshan economic and technological development zone hongda bridge road 86. specialized in electronics, communications, financial, medical, environmental testing and other pieces of sheet metal structure product development, design and manufacturing, electronics, communications and other industries to provide personalized oem / odm / ems /" one-stop" service. the company was established in 2007 september, registered capital of 5000000 us dollars.

company plant area of about 15000 square meters, has a staff of more than 180 people, including various types of research and development technical staff of about 30 people. the company set up r & d department and rapid proofing center, through professional project management, design, manufacturing the combination and interaction, shorten the product development cycle, high quality, high efficiency, low cost of design innovation.

the company mainly of sheet metal processing equipment imported swiss bystronic laser cutting machine, cnc punching machine imported from japan amada, amada nc bending machines, cnc cutting plate machine, pneumatic presses ( 60 tons - 250 tons ), argon arc welding machine, the protection of carbon dioxide welder welding machine, automatic electrostatic powder coating line, can be realized from the sheet metal blanking, sheet metal forming, machining, welding, spraying, electroplating ( hs), screen printing, assembly, such as a full set of sheet metal structure of the processing technology of.

in recent years, company is committed to the development of manufacturing network cabinets and various types of switch, router, the plug-in box, frame, automatic teller machine ( atm ), monitor chassis (dvr ), medical equipment, environmental testing equipment and other products, well received by customers and welcome affirmation. china's huawei, hai, zhejiang dahua, condensing technology, heng electrical, daniels ( australia), impronet ( germany ), carmo ( holland) and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to provide services.

enterprise culture

company rooted in enterprise culture as a long-term and difficult task, publicity corporate purposes, to strengthen staff training, carry out regular cultural and sports activities, efforts to make enterprise and employee become a unified whole.

enterprise purpose: to create value for customers, for employees to create the future, to create wealth for society

the enterprise's core values: integrity, respect, gratitude